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Summer vegetable and tofu stirfry

I admit that this doesn’t make for the prettiest picture, but it was a delicious way to eat eggplant, onion, carrot and summer squash! I added some tofu for a filling vegetarian/vegan dinner. I always make my own sauce. I think the pre-made ones are usually too sweet, and this lets me adjust it how I like it. This time I went a little overboard on the rice wine vinegar, oops, but it was fine mixed with everything else and toned down by some brown sugar.

Eggplant Tofu stirfry

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Box 6 – Week of August 11

I finished off (almost?) everything from the last box before this one arrived! But more on that in another post. Here is what we are looking at for the next two weeks.IMG_6850


This is what we are seeing:
Melon (cantaloupe-like), arugula, yellow squash
Okra, butternut squash, onions
Sweet potato greens, basil, carrots
Eggplant, pepper mix

I am very excited about the carrots, I realized with the last bunch that they are ridiculously good with just some olive oil. I hope we’ll see some actual sweet potatoes soon, too. 

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Turkey zucchini basil ‘sauce’

In trying to use up all of Box 2’s squash, I thought of this and it turned out well! I also added basil from Box 3. I also tossed in garlic and some onion from Box 2, it was great. Served over left-over brown rice. I freeze my rice in single portions as soon as I realize I’m not going to use the whole thing, then it reheats really well in the microwave.

Turkey zucchini sauté

Turkey zucchini sauté – I hadn’t cleared all of the veggies from the counter, so it looks extra fancy

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Box 3 – Week of June 30

I made better use of this week’s box, I’ll give the report on that later. But the new one has just arrived, and I am excited!!! There are only two banana peppers this time, and I am sure I can make use of them. Heck, I somehow made use of the last batch.

CSA Box 3 contents

More than just green this time!

This week we have:

Basil, Onions, Watermelon

Cucumbers, Peppers (Banana, Serrano, Bell), Tomatoes

Okra, Eggplant, Squash

I am especially excited about the okra, I’ve really come to like it since moving here. I also learned how to store basil AFTER the last bunch went bad, so hopefully I can use it this time.

Does anyone have tasty, unusual uses for cucumber or squash?


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No-noodle veggie lasagna

I actually think this might be better with meat, even though I prefer pasta lasagna only with vegetables! We accidentally didn’t have spinach, but that gave us a great reason to use some rainbow chard.

I used a mandolin to slice the zucchini, and my Designated Dishwasher put it all together. Lasagna is one of his specialties.

I like the fun colors of the stems

I like the fun colors of the stems

Chard before it was all mixed into the ricotta and egg mixture

Chard before it was all mixed into the ricotta and egg mixture

The lasagna before baking

The lasagna before baking. We forgot to get mozzarella… that was a mistake.

Final dinner plate

Final dinner plate

Used: Rainbow Chard, Summer Squash

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