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Box 5 report card

This is terribly late, I know, but I am going with ‘better late than never.’ Plus, luckily I had noted in the Box 6 post that I had used most of the ingredients from 5.Box 5 report


The problem might be remembering what exactly I did with each one.

Canteloupe: Sliced and eaten

Okra: Used in Levantine Okra Stew. A friend suggested the recipe, and here is what mine looked like:

Food from the Box | Lebanese Chicken and Okra Stew

Might not be pretty, but was very tasty! And did not have the slimy/gooey texture that okra can sometimes give stews.

Sweet potato greens: Part went into a smoothie and part… I distinctly remember cutting up, but neither me nor my Designated Dishwasher can remember what they went into. It worked, though!

Sweet peppers: Eaten with hummus and tuna or blended up with water to reconstitute dry soup. It made it really good, and added a lot of flavor that the soup kind of lacked on its own. Would also be great with condensed tomato soup!

Butternut Squash: Put into a Lamb Tagine (thick stew), delicious.

Spearmint: Preserved three ways! Unfortunately, the ‘mint extract’ way was quite a spectacular failure. It tastes like minty grass, and looks like lake water. I have no idea what went wrong. I’ve already used the dried mint in tea a few times, and that is a huge success.

Eggplant: Sliced, tossed in oil & balsamic, and roasted. I had directions from my friend, who didn’t mention peeling them first. You should really peel them, the skin was inedible after being roasted.

Yukon potatoes: Latkes!

Onions: Latkes! Also chopped and put into the cavity of a whole chicken, which was cooked in the crockpot.

Jalapeños: Used in the whole crockpot chicken. Another went into the tagine, I believe.

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Potato Latkes

I have been trying to find ways to use the many delicious onions that we’ve been receiving. Since the potatoes were amazing with the stew we made, we thought of latkes. 

Latkes with roasted mushrooms and green beans

Latkes with roasted mushrooms and green beans

Now time to figure out what to do with the rest of the onions…

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Box 5 – Week of July 28

When my box came today, I had to do a sad thing. Go to the fridge and make room… because there were things that had become inedible hiding in the vegetable drawer. That’s why my mom calls in the “vegetable rot drawer” – when it’s closed, sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are hiding in there. Today it was a banana pepper, two little squashed, a bell pepper and sweet potato greens that were sent to the dumpster. This blog is supposed to remind me not to do that! I’ve put updating this blog on my calendar now, so maybe that will help?? We can hope.

Today’s box is beautiful! Do I always say that? I may need more adjectives… It smells fantastic due to the spearmint in it. 

More eggplant, yay!

More eggplant, yay!

Today we have: 

Canteloupe (still muddy!), okra, sweet potato greens
Onions, jalapenos, sweet peppers, butternut squash
Spearmint, eggplant, yukon gold potatoes

I know that the last sweet potato greens died, but it wasn’t because they were bad, I just forgot about them. I ate some! I’ll do better this time, I swear.

Any ideas on what to do with the spearmint?? It smells wonderful, I want to think of something fun.

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Potato Leek Frittata

I have been exploring other CSA blogs and there is so much variety! Originally I was trying to see ideas of what people do, but it reminded me what a difference there is in regions as well. I mean, I grew up with blackberries growing wild, picking plums and apples from neighborhood trees, and waiting impatiently for rhubarb to ripen. But here the blackberries are sad and flavorless (even off the bush!) and I’m more likely to see pomegranates than plums. Pecans are a good benefit, though.

When I saw the leeks in our box, my first thought was a quiche. Then I was thinking about the time to make the crust (I haven’t found a store bought one I like) and Designated Dishwasher suggested a frittata instead. He learns so well! I based mine on the recipes here and here, using the same size pan and the stove top-to-oven idea, but put in what we had on hand: leeks, shredded potatoes and sweet potatoes (waaay to many from latkes the other day), radishes, and garlic. It worked well!

Raw, in my lovely enameled cast iron pan

Raw, in my lovely enameled cast iron pan


Finished, but the bottom stuck!

Finished, but the bottom stuck!


The crispy, tasty bits that liked the pan better than the rest of the frittata

The crispy, tasty bits that liked the pan better than the rest of the frittata


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