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Box… ?? – Week of November 10th

Sorry for not posting in…. about 60 days, according to the date of the last post. I had just gotten a new follower or two as well, I wonder if you are still around. I know my mom is, so that’s something.

I already like fall, but this box makes me even happier! It’s funny how certain vegetables seem so much more friendly.

CSA Box, Week of Nov 10

Let’s start at the bottom left with those lovely turnips. Won’t they be great in stew? There’s some lamb in the fridge that would love to see them. Just above are some cute little patty pan squash that might be stir-fried with the bell peppers above them. Maybe the spinach there will be in a salad with the lettuce mix in that bag, while the kale between them could be sautéed, even my picky eater liked that with enough garlic! The butternut squash in the box will make some amazing soup, and that broccoli below it could be headed into that stiry-fry with the green onions. Finally the cilantro hiding on the right might be the hardest sell here at my house – I love it, so maybe I’ll make a salad dressing? I had one that was great somewhere, I will just have to think of where….

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Bibimbap! (Korean rice bowl)

Bibimbap! (Korean rice bowl)

I had eaten bibimbap only a few times at Korean restaurants when I decided that I should make it at home. I looked on the internet and found a LOT of different ways to do it! So I asked a Korean friend, and she said that people put pretty much whatever they have around in it, that it’s the kind of dish a girl stereotypically eats if she’s been dumped or something. Although she did add that there is a fancier kind, too.

Since then I’ve had it in more restaurants and made it at home plenty of times. You make some rice, cook up ground beef with salt and pepper, and then cook up vegetables to balance it out. I used a little olive oil and sesame oil. Then once it’s all in the bowl you stir it all up. (if you’re not taking a picture, who cares how it looks!)

This time I took some small liberties by adding the carrot and cabbage, but they were tasty. The real key, in my book, is the egg over easy and the gochujang sauce (or Korean pepper paste) since they give it a very distinctive texture and flavor.

Large bowl of mixed bibimbap

Designated Dishwasher’s big bowl, all mixed up and ready to eat.

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