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Box 7 – Week of August 25

Classes started again this week (awww, so sad!) and I am going to blame that on why I didn’t post this yet. I will also use it as an excuse for not posting pictures I took last week… but I’ll post those at some point.

I was a little bit…. unsure what to think when I saw the sweet potato leaves and the basil once again, but luckily I had invited over a couple of friends to bake on our last day before classes, and one of them suggested that I make basil bread! If the sweet potato greens are still good I’ll probably sauté those tonight. And if they’ve gone bad…. then that’s just another greens fail on my part.

On the other hand, I was happy to get some purple onions, that is a nice, but subtle, change, as well as the carrots and butternut squash. In fact, having a lower green ratio somehow made the whole box seem more approachable.

Food from the Box | CSA Box 7

Box 7 – Now with more colors!

In the next two weeks we will be eating:
Basil, Butternut squash, Sweet potato greens
Okra, Cucumber, Carrots
Eggplant, hot peppers (it didn’t say what kind! They look too skinny to be jalapeños, anyone know?)
Red onion, Zucchini, Beets

If anyone recognizes those peppers, let me know! We’ll see how well I do using up this box.


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Box 3 update

Well, I have definitely been using the veggies from box 3, I just haven’t posted about it yet. The thing is that I was so busy enjoying the foods that I didn’t even get the pictures taken! 

So, starting with the things I shared at a fourth of July party:

First up, tomato cucumber salad with basil. It was something like the ones at the following links:
     This one adds avocado and cheese, which sound like fun additions, but I didn’t use red onion like she did for breath reasons
     This one from PeTA is actually a lot like what I did, but I added some olive oil as well. (sidenote: who knew they had recipes??)

Next, we have grilled okra. I never thought to grill it before, but it was great! Just brush on olive oil and it was fantastic.

Eggplant made a lovely zaalouk, you can find a fun video by a Moroccan woman here, or you can read it on her blog here

Serrano peppers – Most of them have been used, in various dishes that need spicing up.

Bell peppers – I have been eating them straight for lunch or as a snack with hummus.

This box has been really successful so far, I might even finish it before the next one arrives on Tuesday!

As a parting thought, here is the double zucchini muffin from the last box. I just doubled the zucchini called for (3 cups instead of 1.5) and even Designated Dishwasher liked them!

Mega-zucchini muffins

Mega-zucchini muffins


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Turkey zucchini basil ‘sauce’

In trying to use up all of Box 2’s squash, I thought of this and it turned out well! I also added basil from Box 3. I also tossed in garlic and some onion from Box 2, it was great. Served over left-over brown rice. I freeze my rice in single portions as soon as I realize I’m not going to use the whole thing, then it reheats really well in the microwave.

Turkey zucchini sauté

Turkey zucchini sauté – I hadn’t cleared all of the veggies from the counter, so it looks extra fancy

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Box 3 – Week of June 30

I made better use of this week’s box, I’ll give the report on that later. But the new one has just arrived, and I am excited!!! There are only two banana peppers this time, and I am sure I can make use of them. Heck, I somehow made use of the last batch.

CSA Box 3 contents

More than just green this time!

This week we have:

Basil, Onions, Watermelon

Cucumbers, Peppers (Banana, Serrano, Bell), Tomatoes

Okra, Eggplant, Squash

I am especially excited about the okra, I’ve really come to like it since moving here. I also learned how to store basil AFTER the last bunch went bad, so hopefully I can use it this time.

Does anyone have tasty, unusual uses for cucumber or squash?


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Bibimbap! (Korean rice bowl)

Bibimbap! (Korean rice bowl)

I had eaten bibimbap only a few times at Korean restaurants when I decided that I should make it at home. I looked on the internet and found a LOT of different ways to do it! So I asked a Korean friend, and she said that people put pretty much whatever they have around in it, that it’s the kind of dish a girl stereotypically eats if she’s been dumped or something. Although she did add that there is a fancier kind, too.

Since then I’ve had it in more restaurants and made it at home plenty of times. You make some rice, cook up ground beef with salt and pepper, and then cook up vegetables to balance it out. I used a little olive oil and sesame oil. Then once it’s all in the bowl you stir it all up. (if you’re not taking a picture, who cares how it looks!)

This time I took some small liberties by adding the carrot and cabbage, but they were tasty. The real key, in my book, is the egg over easy and the gochujang sauce (or Korean pepper paste) since they give it a very distinctive texture and flavor.

Large bowl of mixed bibimbap

Designated Dishwasher’s big bowl, all mixed up and ready to eat.

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