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Basil Bread

A couple of friends were over baking when my last CSA box came. I offered them both the basil, but one of them suggested that I keep it and make basil bread. I have had tomato basil bread, but never plain basil bread, so I asked her what the heck she was talking about. She sent me a recipe and it was really good! You process 100g of basil with a bit of oil and garlic, then put that in the dough. I wish so much that I’d snapped a picture because it was a gorgeous bright green before baking, but turned into a more standard bread color afterward. 100g of basil is a ton, it was the whole big bunch from the box, but it made for a very tasty and fragrant bread!

I used the dough cycle on my machine, even though the recipe was for making it by hand, and it worked beautifully! My friend said she has always made it with less basil and just chops it by hand instead of processing it with the oil and garlic, so feel free to try that, too.

Basil bread

Basil Bread (adapted from a cookbook, let me know if you know which it is!)

Makes 1 2-lb loaf

100g basil
2 cloves garlic
4.5 Tbs or 70ml olive oil (I used just 1/4 cup and it was fine)
250g whole wheat flour
250g white flour (or bread flour)
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp active dry yeast
1 cup plus 1 Tbs or 250 ml lukewarm water

Process the basil, garlic and oil until the basil is thoroughly blended. Place first in the bread machine with the water and salt. Add both flours on top of the liquid, being careful to keep them floating above it. Add yeast. [If you will turn on the machine immediately, you can activate the yeast in 3 Tbs of water, then add that on top of the flour. That’s how I did it.] Turn on machine to dough cycle and let it do its thing!

When dough cycle is finished, remove dough to a lightly floured surface. Punch down and knead until there are no more air bubbles. Shape as desired [I did a free-form loaf] and then let rise 30-60 minutes, until doubled.

Bake at 350ºF (180ºC) for 40-50 minutes if free-form, or 50-60 in a loaf pan. When done, remove from pan and let cool before slicing.

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Box 7 – Week of August 25

Classes started again this week (awww, so sad!) and I am going to blame that on why I didn’t post this yet. I will also use it as an excuse for not posting pictures I took last week… but I’ll post those at some point.

I was a little bit…. unsure what to think when I saw the sweet potato leaves and the basil once again, but luckily I had invited over a couple of friends to bake on our last day before classes, and one of them suggested that I make basil bread! If the sweet potato greens are still good I’ll probably sauté those tonight. And if they’ve gone bad…. then that’s just another greens fail on my part.

On the other hand, I was happy to get some purple onions, that is a nice, but subtle, change, as well as the carrots and butternut squash. In fact, having a lower green ratio somehow made the whole box seem more approachable.

Food from the Box | CSA Box 7

Box 7 – Now with more colors!

In the next two weeks we will be eating:
Basil, Butternut squash, Sweet potato greens
Okra, Cucumber, Carrots
Eggplant, hot peppers (it didn’t say what kind! They look too skinny to be jalapeños, anyone know?)
Red onion, Zucchini, Beets

If anyone recognizes those peppers, let me know! We’ll see how well I do using up this box.


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Box 6 – Week of August 11

I finished off (almost?) everything from the last box before this one arrived! But more on that in another post. Here is what we are looking at for the next two weeks.IMG_6850


This is what we are seeing:
Melon (cantaloupe-like), arugula, yellow squash
Okra, butternut squash, onions
Sweet potato greens, basil, carrots
Eggplant, pepper mix

I am very excited about the carrots, I realized with the last bunch that they are ridiculously good with just some olive oil. I hope we’ll see some actual sweet potatoes soon, too. 

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Box 4 Report Card: C

Awwww, it’s so sad that I failed some of my poor vegetables AGAIN! It was the sweet potato leaves that met the trash this time. Although I got more this week that I plan to throw into smoothies and devour after sautéeing them in bacon grease. Mmmmmm!

Box 4 reportI also ended up tossing a banana pepper from who knows when and two little squash guys. Maybe this box itself is better than I am thinking right now and my attitude is just affected by forgetting about the veggies that got soft and fuzzy.

Here is how I ended up using this box:

Basil – part of it was dried and stuck into the cabinet, another part was in tomato sauce

Cherry tomatoes – all eaten quickly!

Eggplant – more zaalouk! It’s my Designated Dishwasher’s favorite.

Watermelon – drank. Went down wonderfully. 

Okra – Oven roasted

Pepper mix – Some eaten multiple ways: With hummus, with tuna, with salad. Some still waiting for its chance in my belly.

Arugula – This stuff is SOOO much stronger than what you get in the store! It’s great, but needs to be tamed by other greens. I tried to have an arugula salad the first day and it was a bad plan. I was getting sick that day and the arugula did not help it. Bad thoughts just thinking about it. But tasty stuff, and amazingly still looks edible, yay!

Sweet potato greens – Some eaten with rice and chicken, some… met the trash can after they got brown. Sad and gross. Their friends from this week have already entered a smoothie, though. Progress!

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Turkey zucchini basil ‘sauce’

In trying to use up all of Box 2’s squash, I thought of this and it turned out well! I also added basil from Box 3. I also tossed in garlic and some onion from Box 2, it was great. Served over left-over brown rice. I freeze my rice in single portions as soon as I realize I’m not going to use the whole thing, then it reheats really well in the microwave.

Turkey zucchini sauté

Turkey zucchini sauté – I hadn’t cleared all of the veggies from the counter, so it looks extra fancy

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Box 3 – Week of June 30

I made better use of this week’s box, I’ll give the report on that later. But the new one has just arrived, and I am excited!!! There are only two banana peppers this time, and I am sure I can make use of them. Heck, I somehow made use of the last batch.

CSA Box 3 contents

More than just green this time!

This week we have:

Basil, Onions, Watermelon

Cucumbers, Peppers (Banana, Serrano, Bell), Tomatoes

Okra, Eggplant, Squash

I am especially excited about the okra, I’ve really come to like it since moving here. I also learned how to store basil AFTER the last bunch went bad, so hopefully I can use it this time.

Does anyone have tasty, unusual uses for cucumber or squash?


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Panzanella salad and turkey meatballs

Panzanella salad and turkey meatballs

We had planned to make spaghetti with a turkey bolognese sauce for dinner, but when I saw the tomatoes in the CSA box today I changed my mind. With the fresh basil and onions, I got to add some fun stuff to it! We also had parsley from the last box that I incorporated into the meatballs.

I was also happy with this because we had some people over for dinner on Sunday night. We had said what we were making and that they didn’t need to bring anything, but everyone brought bread. Three kinds of bread: jalapeno cornbread, sourdough loaf, and sliced white and wheat bread. I used the sourdough for the panzanella and then part of the sliced bread to make bread crumbs for the meatballs. We even had some parmesan to throw into both.

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