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Box 5 report card

This is terribly late, I know, but I am going with ‘better late than never.’ Plus, luckily I had noted in the Box 6 post that I had used most of the ingredients from 5.Box 5 report


The problem might be remembering what exactly I did with each one.

Canteloupe: Sliced and eaten

Okra: Used in Levantine Okra Stew. A friend suggested the recipe, and here is what mine looked like:

Food from the Box | Lebanese Chicken and Okra Stew

Might not be pretty, but was very tasty! And did not have the slimy/gooey texture that okra can sometimes give stews.

Sweet potato greens: Part went into a smoothie and part… I distinctly remember cutting up, but neither me nor my Designated Dishwasher can remember what they went into. It worked, though!

Sweet peppers: Eaten with hummus and tuna or blended up with water to reconstitute dry soup. It made it really good, and added a lot of flavor that the soup kind of lacked on its own. Would also be great with condensed tomato soup!

Butternut Squash: Put into a Lamb Tagine (thick stew), delicious.

Spearmint: Preserved three ways! Unfortunately, the ‘mint extract’ way was quite a spectacular failure. It tastes like minty grass, and looks like lake water. I have no idea what went wrong. I’ve already used the dried mint in tea a few times, and that is a huge success.

Eggplant: Sliced, tossed in oil & balsamic, and roasted. I had directions from my friend, who didn’t mention peeling them first. You should really peel them, the skin was inedible after being roasted.

Yukon potatoes: Latkes!

Onions: Latkes! Also chopped and put into the cavity of a whole chicken, which was cooked in the crockpot.

Jalapeños: Used in the whole crockpot chicken. Another went into the tagine, I believe.

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Box 4 Report Card: C

Awwww, it’s so sad that I failed some of my poor vegetables AGAIN! It was the sweet potato leaves that met the trash this time. Although I got more this week that I plan to throw into smoothies and devour after sautéeing them in bacon grease. Mmmmmm!

Box 4 reportI also ended up tossing a banana pepper from who knows when and two little squash guys. Maybe this box itself is better than I am thinking right now and my attitude is just affected by forgetting about the veggies that got soft and fuzzy.

Here is how I ended up using this box:

Basil – part of it was dried and stuck into the cabinet, another part was in tomato sauce

Cherry tomatoes – all eaten quickly!

Eggplant – more zaalouk! It’s my Designated Dishwasher’s favorite.

Watermelon – drank. Went down wonderfully. 

Okra – Oven roasted

Pepper mix – Some eaten multiple ways: With hummus, with tuna, with salad. Some still waiting for its chance in my belly.

Arugula – This stuff is SOOO much stronger than what you get in the store! It’s great, but needs to be tamed by other greens. I tried to have an arugula salad the first day and it was a bad plan. I was getting sick that day and the arugula did not help it. Bad thoughts just thinking about it. But tasty stuff, and amazingly still looks edible, yay!

Sweet potato greens – Some eaten with rice and chicken, some… met the trash can after they got brown. Sad and gross. Their friends from this week have already entered a smoothie, though. Progress!

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Box 3 report card

Box 3 Report Card

Basil – Used some, dried the rest. Waiting in the cabinet for me.

Onions – Used one of them, but there is another left… at least they save well!

Watermelon – Sliced and eaten! Half way. Some is left in the fridge…

Cucumbers – Drank some as part of an agua fresca (I should have added mint!) The rest are in the fridge as refrigerator pickles (I added some of the serranos from the basic idea found in this recipe and this one, but this one looks good, too!) I realized I hadn’t tasted them yet, so I just made a quick test and they are tasty! The skin is a bit thick, but I think that is just the kind of cucumber. I also used some dill that I had dried from a previous box. I may try this with Box 4’s okra, too…

Spicy Garlic Dill pickles

Spicy Garlic Dill pickles

Peppers – Banana peppers and bells eaten with hummus. Serranos used in foods and slipped into the pickle jar.

Tomatoes and eggplant – Used up in zaalouk!

Okra – Grilled!

Squash – partly used…. one of those little guys may be going bad, though…

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Box 2 Report Card

Well, I did much better than last time! The only thing that was truly wasted was the basil, and that was a complete accident. I didn’t realize that putting cut basil in the fridge would make it really nasty. But it does. Well, at least I looked up what I should have done and have already used it from Box 3.

Report on how I used Box 2

Here is how I used this week’s box ingredients:

Carrots – Oven roasted with olive oil and salt (eaten with couscous), and in beef stew

Yellows onions – Also in the couscous!

Tomatoes – I don’t even remember! But they were good

Watermelon – On its own for dessert

Banana peppers – sliced and put into a jar of pickled peppers in the fridge that I had just finished… tasted one the other day and they are already great!

Squash – sauteed with turkey and used in mega-zucchini muffins (I just doubled the zucchini. It worked!)

Red Cabbage – sautéed with jalapeño bacon… mmm… If you don’t know how easy and delicious this is, this blog has a description that is the same way I have done it since high school!

Leeks – I think I might roast them like this. We’ll see.

And I already told you about how I ruined all of the basil. It was after I decided I should have pesto pasta for dinner, too, so it’s lucky that I have basil plants growing outside my door. Are there any vegetables that you have tried to ‘keep’ in the completely wrong way? Any magic ways to keep some longer?

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Box 1 report card – C-

Box 1 Report

Well, Box 2 came on Tuesday, but there were several things still hanging around from Box 1, unfortunately. So, here are the original box contents and where they stand now:

Cabbage – Used a bunch in Cabbage carrot peanut salad and just finished it today! Roasted with some olive oil, salt and pepper (with some squash from Box 2)

Summer squash medley – All eaten, mostly sautéed with some basic seasonings.

Cucumber – Used some in Bibimbap, still have some left to eat…

Green beans – Gone! Boiled and eaten with an amazing cottage pie that I need to post.Image

Rainbow chard – Gone! Used in no-noodle lasagna

Leeks – Gone! Used in lasagna and fritatta!

Banana peppers – Some eaten, mostly sadly forgotten in drawer… not quite bad. Yet. I did better with Week 2’s!

Carrots – Mostly eaten, partly in Bibimbap, as well as peanut cabbage salad

Flat-leaf parsley – Used a bit in turkey meatballs, but mostly still hanging around in the fridge… oops.

Potatoes – Gone! Eaten in latkes.

5 out of 9 completely eaten
4 out of 9 partially eaten.

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