Box 3 update

14 Jul

Well, I have definitely been using the veggies from box 3, I just haven’t posted about it yet. The thing is that I was so busy enjoying the foods that I didn’t even get the pictures taken! 

So, starting with the things I shared at a fourth of July party:

First up, tomato cucumber salad with basil. It was something like the ones at the following links:
     This one adds avocado and cheese, which sound like fun additions, but I didn’t use red onion like she did for breath reasons
     This one from PeTA is actually a lot like what I did, but I added some olive oil as well. (sidenote: who knew they had recipes??)

Next, we have grilled okra. I never thought to grill it before, but it was great! Just brush on olive oil and it was fantastic.

Eggplant made a lovely zaalouk, you can find a fun video by a Moroccan woman here, or you can read it on her blog here

Serrano peppers – Most of them have been used, in various dishes that need spicing up.

Bell peppers – I have been eating them straight for lunch or as a snack with hummus.

This box has been really successful so far, I might even finish it before the next one arrives on Tuesday!

As a parting thought, here is the double zucchini muffin from the last box. I just doubled the zucchini called for (3 cups instead of 1.5) and even Designated Dishwasher liked them!

Mega-zucchini muffins

Mega-zucchini muffins


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3 responses to “Box 3 update

  1. Mom

    July 22, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    I have tons of zucchini but don’t see where to find your recipe! My friends have a CSA garden, that is the one I have been helping with this summer ;-o

  2. smitibeth

    July 22, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Cool, I didn’t realize it was a CSA, too. For the zucchini muffins, I just added ‘too much’ zucchini. I can go try to find it, though.


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