Box 2 Report Card

05 Jul

Well, I did much better than last time! The only thing that was truly wasted was the basil, and that was a complete accident. I didn’t realize that putting cut basil in the fridge would make it really nasty. But it does. Well, at least I looked up what I should have done and have already used it from Box 3.

Report on how I used Box 2

Here is how I used this week’s box ingredients:

Carrots – Oven roasted with olive oil and salt (eaten with couscous), and in beef stew

Yellows onions – Also in the couscous!

Tomatoes – I don’t even remember! But they were good

Watermelon – On its own for dessert

Banana peppers – sliced and put into a jar of pickled peppers in the fridge that I had just finished… tasted one the other day and they are already great!

Squash – sauteed with turkey and used in mega-zucchini muffins (I just doubled the zucchini. It worked!)

Red Cabbage – sautéed with jalapeño bacon… mmm… If you don’t know how easy and delicious this is, this blog has a description that is the same way I have done it since high school!

Leeks – I think I might roast them like this. We’ll see.

And I already told you about how I ruined all of the basil. It was after I decided I should have pesto pasta for dinner, too, so it’s lucky that I have basil plants growing outside my door. Are there any vegetables that you have tried to ‘keep’ in the completely wrong way? Any magic ways to keep some longer?

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One response to “Box 2 Report Card

  1. Mom

    July 22, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    I kill cilantro on a regular basis. Don’t know what would be the “right” way other than to use it up sooner! I love basil but when I used Le’s dehydrator on some it came out flavorless! So Sad…


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