Box 1 report card – C-

23 Jun

Box 1 Report

Well, Box 2 came on Tuesday, but there were several things still hanging around from Box 1, unfortunately. So, here are the original box contents and where they stand now:

Cabbage – Used a bunch in Cabbage carrot peanut salad and just finished it today! Roasted with some olive oil, salt and pepper (with some squash from Box 2)

Summer squash medley – All eaten, mostly sautéed with some basic seasonings.

Cucumber – Used some in Bibimbap, still have some left to eat…

Green beans – Gone! Boiled and eaten with an amazing cottage pie that I need to post.Image

Rainbow chard – Gone! Used in no-noodle lasagna

Leeks – Gone! Used in lasagna and fritatta!

Banana peppers – Some eaten, mostly sadly forgotten in drawer… not quite bad. Yet. I did better with Week 2’s!

Carrots – Mostly eaten, partly in Bibimbap, as well as peanut cabbage salad

Flat-leaf parsley – Used a bit in turkey meatballs, but mostly still hanging around in the fridge… oops.

Potatoes – Gone! Eaten in latkes.

5 out of 9 completely eaten
4 out of 9 partially eaten.

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